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Problems with STL files

Posted by JT 
Problems with STL files
April 06, 2013 05:59AM
I have been having problems printing my own models for week now, i have convinced myself that the printer is running as it should and have tried without success to produce my own parts.
The problem im having is that my own models/parts are printed all over the place.
i did have a problem with slippage on the x axis but have succeeded in eradicating it

I discovered that the solidworks script has spaces and slicer likes commas between coordinates
so i manually fixed the file.
and guess what - it still prints garbage.

My setup is as follows - my own home built reprap, slic3r, pronterface running on a sang-along lulu. board

I am desperate for someones help to move on from this issue
i cant print my own models only the Reprap calibration stl files, my files just print all over the place.
i have ruled out mechanical issues - it prints the calibration pieces ?
if i open my stl files in blender etc they look perfect and exactly how they should look

please please please help me im going nuts and managed to destroy half my house in a fit of rage.

the file i desperately want is in the thread above
open | download - former.stl (530.2 KB)
Re: Problems with STL files
April 06, 2013 11:58PM
I coulden't get Slic3r .99 or KissSlicer v1.0.9.7 to work with that stl.

It looked good in both MeshLab and NetFab. Took a chance and ran NetFab repair on it and saved the results.

I don't think it actually repared anything, but the file was rediced from 530.2k to 83.8k.

SLic3r liked it and sliced.

Waiting for my printer to hear-up and see what I get.

In the mean time here is the reduced file.

Glankonian Protoforms
open | download - former (repaired).stl (81.8 KB)
Re: Problems with STL files
April 07, 2013 02:07AM

That's a rather small part with fine detail.

I would have to try it on my .4 or .35 machine to get it right.

I printed it on my .45 machine but didn't have cooling on so it looks blobby. sad smiley
Slic3r didn't do the bridging right on the bottom either.

Glankonian Protoforms
open | download - DSCF0206.JPG (99.6 KB)
Re: Problems with STL files
April 07, 2013 10:31AM

I tried your file and it and I had no issues with slicer099 or kisslicer 1.10 rc2 apart from kisslicer reporting a minor issue but nothing to worrie about.
I ended up using kisslicer with support (first time ever I have printed using support...smiling smiley )
The part came up quite good I thought, needs a bit more cleaning off of the support underneath
Printed slow and with ABS no cooling


open | download - image001.jpg (146.1 KB)
open | download - image002.jpg (143.5 KB)
open | download - image005.jpg (136 KB)
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