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Uneven top layer

Posted by HiemstraJ 
Uneven top layer
May 29, 2013 04:16PM
Good evening,

Thank you for reading my post.

Couple of days ago I have completed the built of my first RepRap Prusa 2 printer. I like it, a few things need fixing or adding, for example:
- Tighter belt tension X axis;
- Endstop flags (will print them tongue sticking out smiley)

But in my first prints I have a few issues, for which I cannot find a solution through searching. The problems are:
- Uneven fill on top layer;
- Some corners (walls and holes) have a few blobs.

If you see the attached pictures, you can judge for yourself.

Part 1; Calibration cube 20mm
Printed on standard setting slic3r; Temp heater 235, Bed Temp 100. 0.4 layer height

Part 2; Custom part
Printed on slightly lower speed; Temp heater 245, Bed Temp 100. 0.25 layer height

All printed with an acetone juice covered bed, works perfect for first layer. Nozzle diameter is 0.5, standard prusa 2 design. All axis are calibrated. Using the marlin firmware, with repetier host as control. Slic3r for the slicing.

Ive added the stl for the custom part.

Could you point me in the direction in which I can find a possible solution and or which settings to tweak?

Thank you for your time.

Here are the settings for part 2:
; generated by Slic3r 0.9.9 on 2013-05-29 at 21:05:21

; layer_height = 0.25
; perimeters = 3
; top_solid_layers = 3
; bottom_solid_layers = 3
; fill_density = 0.4
; perimeter_speed = 20
; infill_speed = 50
; travel_speed = 130
; nozzle_diameter = 0.5
; filament_diameter = 3
; extrusion_multiplier = 1
; perimeters extrusion width = 0.84mm
; infill extrusion width = 0.84mm
; solid infill extrusion width = 0.84mm
; top infill extrusion width = 0.84mm
; first layer extrusion width = 0.70mm

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 05/29/2013 04:18PM by HiemstraJ.
open | download - foto 1.JPG (95.7 KB)
open | download - foto 2.JPG (191.8 KB)
open | download - foto 3.JPG (191 KB)
open | download - foto 4.JPG (190.5 KB)
open | download - foto 5.JPG (183.3 KB)
open | download - Part2.STL (288.3 KB)
Re: Uneven top layer
June 14, 2013 05:36AM
Oooh err... Your parts seem to have a couple of problems not just an uneven fill layer.

The gap uneven fill is caused by a too low e-steps per mm ... (firmware setting) you can alter it by issuing a manual instruction before each print M92 Ee where e is the e steps per mm to use I find I need it set to about 1020 on my machine and filament but you need to trial it with yours. Once you find one that works with your set-up write it permanently to your firmware

Your Z layer has a horrible wobble ....... make sure your Z axis is running smoothly and properly. Once it's all aligned OK give it a good oiling with some light engineering oil.

The X& Y axis seem to have a bit of a glitch too. Most likely caused by loose or over tight pulleys gears or belts. both over adjustments cause this problem.

Your layers as you go up the part seem to be cooling awkwardly too .. you could try adding a part fan to the system to keep it cool as the bulk of material builds up.

Are you sure your z axis is properly calibrated ? your cube isn't very cube like but it may just be the picture but your layer height seems to be a bit high for your filament or it's too hot and not holding the extruded shape and sagging after fusing.

Try measuring the actual filament rather than relying on the stated diameter (you'll need a decent pair of callipers or micrometres to measure it sufficiently accurately) and then use this to adjust your settings.

All trial and error for your set-up I'm afraid

Good Luck

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