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printing 90 degree edges - how to improve quality? (jerk, acceleration, oscillation)


My prints are really great, but when it comes to a e.g. 90 degree turn the quality of my prints are really worse (please see attached pictures)
Is there anything I can improve in my firmware or at my Slic3r setting!?

( The first layer is perfect, so please don't focus on the 0,8mm extrusion with with a 0,4mm nozzle! grinning smiley )

3mm ABS; 240°C hot end on 100°C glassbed
layer hight 0,15mm; 30% infill
2 perimeters
0,4mm nozzle
Sprinter firmware (latest)
Slic3r 0.9.9
printed part has a wall width of 1,5mm; two of them were on the printbed

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open | download - RepetierHost gCode.png (349.9 KB)
open | download - Slic3r speed.png (136 KB)
open | download - Slic3r extrusion width.png (132.5 KB)
open | download - Slic3r retract setting.png (114.9 KB)
open | download - acceleration settings (Sprinter Firmware).png (60.9 KB)
open | download - oscillation reduction (Sprinter Firmware).png (33 KB)
open | download - dropsegments (Sprinter Firmware).png (17.7 KB)
open | download - 20130615_101043_.jpg (173.3 KB)
open | download - 20130615_101021_.jpg (154.7 KB)
hmmm - no one? confused smiley
In my experience, a high acceleration rate caused oscillation, as the acceleration rate is also the rate used to slow the print head/bed.

On my mendelmax printer, I'm running Marlin firmware and have found these accelerations to work well.
#define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION {1000,1000,50,500} // X,Y,Z,E

I'd change your 5000 mm/s^2 rates down to 1000, and just see how it works. Adjust up or down from there.
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