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Loose threads, a just a mess of a print!!

Posted by Sekritz 
Loose threads, a just a mess of a print!!
September 18, 2013 09:19AM
I'm not exactly sure how I'll describe my issue other than providing a picture. The first picture is the mess I created. I'm having issues with loose threads all over the place, circles and holes being clogged up with loose hanging threads and something which could be mistaken for a spiders home in the middle. The 2nd picture is just a hollow cube which prints out rather well just for informations sake.

I think my issue is related to several things at once but I'm not entirely sure and i've been trying to fix this issue for a while now. Firstly, my Z-Wantai motor is starting to make a screeching sound and is generally really really loud. I've tried adjusting the trimpot but it hasn't worked at all and the issue is only persistent with the z motor, rest are fine. I'm starting to think it might be faulty so I'll probably have that replaced and see what I come up with.

Some recommendations have been in relation to speed but i'm already traveling at a rather normal/slow pace according to the blogs which I've read on speed. My current speed is at 40 for perimeter and 60 infill, and 180 for non-print moves. If they seem off the mark, please do advise me.

My biggest issue right now seems to be the random threads when my printer travels from one area to the next. It might also be a retraction issue but i've played around with it and the same issue still arises. (currently at length: 1, lift z: 0, speed: 30, min travel after retraction: 2 ).

Any help is welcome and i'm willing to try anything! This problem has persisted for too long and I couldn't come with a solution for it.
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Re: Loose threads, a just a mess of a print!!
September 18, 2013 10:39AM
Looks like your E-Step is off! you are extruding way too much material.
Or make sure that you are using a 1.75mm (or 3mm) filament. Mine is 1.70mm for example (even tho I bought a "1.75mm").

The spider look is due to the retract, you are not retracting enough.
And you seem to have a Z artifact (every 1mm or so you have a surplus) .

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Re: Loose threads, a just a mess of a print!!
September 26, 2013 01:27PM
I finally solved this issue and thought I'd post the solution for future reference if by chance someone has the same issue. Indeed it was an issue with over-extruding but the issue was with Z-steps when I had been concentrating my time all on e-step calibration.

I used to be using a sanguinololu and had the "Z-steps" set up for that devie and when I switched over, I forgot to adjust my Z-steps and went directly to e-step calibration. My e-steps would be calibrated correctly, as in when I ask it to extrude 50mm, it extrudes just that, however when printing I get the mess posted on my first post. So i just re-adjusted my z-steps to the correct number and it came out picture perfect, with the exception of miniscule bridging issues.

Also the screeching sound stopped too for the most part, because it seemed I was putting way too much pressure on the motor.

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