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First print , having some trouble

Posted by SpreadTheGood 
First print , having some trouble
October 27, 2013 05:42AM
Hello.I bought a prusa i3 8" from makerfarm 2 months ago.As im not good into technical stuff i let my uncle build the printer for me and he finally finished it (as he is a busy man and it took him some time) so i finally got my printer home , and installed pronterfacer , slicer , uploaded the firmware to the arduino board.Everything seems to be working fine but ! When i start printing i get nothing but a mess ... sad smiley It looks to me that the extruder is extruding either too much or not making any sharp lines its a complete mess... I will upload 2 screenshots of the objects i managed to get so far ! Can anyone help me , im completely clueless on what to do to get better accurate prints !

Edit : the left object is supposed to be a cube , the second one is a glow in the dark ghost i downloaded from thingiverse confused smiley

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Re: First print , having some trouble
November 01, 2013 08:22AM

I personally think, when you have no technical background, it's going to be a hard one to get it fixed like it should...

But alright...
Did your first layer print well? And does it stick to the bed?


Re: First print , having some trouble
November 02, 2013 06:46PM
IS the machine calibrated? That must be done after building. Contact Makerfarm for instructions.
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