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Little Problems with edges, second layer, infill

Posted by 4Stroke 
Little Problems with edges, second layer, infill
February 02, 2014 09:09AM
Hey everyone,

My Prusa i2 is finally running and I'm quite impressed how good the printed parts look from the beginning on. I expected a lot more problems... (a good buildup and calibration is worth a lot, I guess!)

Here is my setup:

-Prusa i2, j-Head with 0.4mm Nozzle for 3mm filament, heated bed (painters tape on it)

-Calibrated with a digital caliper, test objects like the 20mm cube get an accurateness of about ~0,15mm; the 0,5mm wall a accurateness of ~0,05mm

-3mm White PLA printed with 185°C on 60°C, no fan yet

-Layer height set to 0,4mm, slow travel speed of ~30mm/s

-Repetier Host+Firmware (newsest versions), Slic3r

I got still (little) problems:

-The second and third layer perimeters always look like there was not enough filament extruded, they also seem to be like 0,1mm or so too small. I get this problem an all my prints, whatever size or shape the object and wherever on the bed it was printed. The layers above are very good again. (See attachment)

-Some permiters are also like 0,1 or so too small, youcan already see that at the corners of the cube. At the last attachment you see, that even some perimeters seem to be missing?

-The endstop mount layers look a little bit irregular, maybe they got too hot? But I printed two at the same time, so I believe they had enough time to cool down. Is a fan always nesessary for PLA?

I appretiate all help, and advices you might have for me.

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