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Beds too cold, print is too hot...

Posted by garak 
Beds too cold, print is too hot...
February 18, 2014 01:08PM
I've been trying to print another set of hearing bone gears and I'm having the hell of a time trying to get a clean print and keep it on the bed.

I'm printing with ABS at 230 with the bed at 110. With no fan cooling the print it sticks to the bed great but the print quality is terrible. The gear teeth keep lifting as the print head goes over them and its making rounded teeth on the gear. I hold a fan onto it for a few passes and I get perfect teeth but after a while the print breaks free from the bed. I've tried adding a 10mm brim all the way around the print and that doesn't seem to help. It seems to be an issue with the part contracting from the cool air but without the cool air the part comes out like crap.

How have other solved this issue?
Re: Beds too cold, print is too hot...
February 18, 2014 02:17PM
Hi Garak,
I have the same problem, same printer, same specs. I used Elnett hairspray for the printbed (glass). After printing 3/4 of the herring bone wheel it loses contact from the bed.
It seems to be crimp in the abs. The product is not flat but a bit like a bowl, that causes the problem. I am still testing and will keep you informed. I know that folie, sticker materiel and blue paper does not work.
Still looking for advice.
Have a nice day.
Peter J.
Re: Beds too cold, print is too hot...
February 21, 2014 12:17AM
drop your bed temp to 80 after the first layer, and maybe drop your extruder to 220. A 110 bed will actually release easier that at 80, and will cause warping to the perimeter of your print. If you are running a fan, you do not want to over-cool the print, you just want to get the air moving a bit, so a direct high flow fan is too much. Hairspray on glass is a goo thing....
Re: Beds too cold, print is too hot...
February 22, 2014 03:55AM
I struggeled with that exact same issue some time ago, especially printing gears was a no go, generally they stayed on the bed, but on the first few mm of the print, pointy details got smeared around.

As Steve is writting drop your bed temperature after the first layer, I'm using 95 degrees but I might try to go even lower. Too hot a bed will keep the part too soft for too long.

But instead of lowering the extrusion temperature I would recomend raising it, I print all my ABS at 245 degrees. Yes this sounds contradictory to the "bed is too hot" statement above winking smiley, but generally with ABS hotter is better, at 220 degrees I start to get bad layer adhesion, and warping issues.
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