Sudden delamination
March 03, 2014 07:06PM
I am using my Prusa I3 for 2 months now without big issues. I am using only ABS on a heated bed with Kapton tape and slicing with Slic3r (1.0.0.RC3).
I bought this red filament and although print quality at 0.1 layer is very nice, i have this issue of delamination as of today while i was printing this Colonel.
The crack started close to the end of the print (it was printing the berret) and when everything cooled down, i found some other cracks near the right ear and on the back of the head.
Theory of delamination points to low temperature but...
I was always printing at 220C/110C and had auto passive cooling on (slower speed), no fan during all of my prints and never had delamination. I did 2 prints, with this red filament, before this delaminated Colonel and they were ok.
What i did, and that's what i think caused this, is that i lowered the speed to 60% (original perimeter speed was 30mm/s) manually from colonels throat till the last layer of the overhang of the chin, and then switched back to 100%. Judging by the result (most of the delamination happens at this point) i am thinking that i probably let it cool too much that it affected bonding. Could this be true?
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Re: Sudden delamination
March 06, 2014 08:32AM
Maybe i phrased it a bit awkwardly.

The question is: Can very very slow printing cause delamination?
Re: Sudden delamination
March 06, 2014 03:17PM
Dunno about that but tall ABS prints are notoriously sensitive to temperature inconsistencies caused by even the slightest breeze (opening a door) or printing in a cool environment without something to retain a little warmth in the print area. When I needed to, I have used cardboard barriers to keep the breezes away and up the ambient temp in the print zone a little. Works very nicely.
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