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E3D v5 Clogging

Posted by Bharadwaj 
E3D v5 Clogging
April 06, 2014 09:02AM

I am using an E3D v5 on my prusa mendel i2.

The hotned worked fine in the beginning. But now, I have a problem.

While printing PLA, the material gets stuck in the copper nozzle area, there by blocking the entire print.

I have tried clearing the block, but then it just blocks again in a couple of minutes.

This is a pretty new problem im facing, very recently.

Please Help
Bharadwaj grinning smiley
Re: E3D v5 Clogging
April 06, 2014 09:58AM
I have had this issue also with PLA.

I think that the reason for this is that some debris and particles get stuck to the PLA and thus get caught in the hotend.

The way i fixed this issue was to attach some sponge to the top of my extruder to get rid of any particles which may be on the filament.

Also, before you do this, give the hotend a thorough clean if you can, to make sure that no particles are left in the hotend.


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Re: E3D v5 Clogging
April 06, 2014 12:36PM

Got a link of where you purchased the PLA, and what color is it.
Re: E3D v5 Clogging
April 06, 2014 01:01PM

The PLA is Blue in Color .


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Re: E3D v5 Clogging
April 06, 2014 05:13PM
To clean your hotend, heat it to 230-270 degrees celsius and wait until it stabilises, then set its temperature to the glass transition temperature of the PLA (this should be about 70 but varies dependent on the PLA). Pull the PLA out of your hotend and it will pull the debris out with it. If you've got the temperature right you should see what looks like a straw at the end of the length you've pulled out. Rinse and repeat as necessary and perform on a regular basis.
Re: E3D v5 Clogging
April 08, 2014 10:11AM

A2 , 3dkarma , ayouden

The Probem is solved. The Hotend is working fine now. grinning smiley

In case of my printer, the problem was due to accumulation of tiny particles and very little amount of PLA ( Yes, this little amount cause problems ) in the tip of the hotend ( The nozzle part ).

I cleaned this using a carburetor cleaning spray which i found in the local auto store. Use a small pin or something to remove all the tiny pla and other dust.

The Spray has a special stem through which the nozzle can be cleaned perfectly.

Also, make sure after cleaning, the nozzle is fitted properly with a wrench/spanner by heting the hotend to 280 degrees C. Hand tightening will not work. It is most necessary to do this.

Make sure the cooling fan is running properly.
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