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Filament problem

Posted by Sean Birt 
Filament problem
June 17, 2014 05:58AM
Hello to you all,
we use a 3d touch at work, we are having a problem getting the print material to lay nicely on the support. it lays down the support material ok but when it comes to print the actual part on the support, it just drags the material off when it re positions.
any ideas as to why this happens?
Re: Filament problem
June 17, 2014 06:37AM
Its seems like it does not adhere to it, at the point of start on top of the support material.
Re: Filament problem
June 17, 2014 06:37AM
Re: Filament problem
June 17, 2014 07:59AM
sorry for posting in the wrong section.....
to start with.

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Re: Filament problem
June 17, 2014 11:05AM
Although the 3D Touch was derived from the RepRap project, it is not a RepRap printer and is not open source AFAIK. Because of that, you are unlikely to get any help with it around here, although someone may chime in. Try contacting support at BfB: [www.bitsfrombytes.com]


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