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Printing error...globs mostly

Posted by jobzombi 
Printing error...globs mostly
June 18, 2014 10:55PM
The skirt/brim comes out fine, but then the first layer perimeter comes out all globlike. I know it can be temperature too low (did my research) but at 200C for PLA, I'm sure it is not too low. It is a Smartrap so I started out with the main setting they have on github; infill speed 45 and first layer speed 35%. First print it started coming out the same, so I stopped it and dropped the speeds by half to try again. These pictures are after the change. The skirt comes out fine and then a little of the infill came out fine, but a large portion does not, and the first perimeter was just a bunch of arches (globs connected by thin web). So speed is slow, temp is pretty high, I have the bed level, bed heater at 55C, not really sure what I should be looking at now. I'm thinking maybe the pololu needs calibrating, but in other prints that I have noticed the bottom layers being like this, after a few layers, it starts to look better, though the bottom when removed is still terrible. If it was the pololu skipping, I would assume it would do so for all the layers and all parts of a layer (ie the first layer coming out 25% good).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
open | download - 2014-06-18 22.08.38.jpg (551 KB)
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Re: Printing error...globs mostly
June 18, 2014 11:53PM
Was doing a 7 hour print...happens when printing so damn slow...and after like 2 hours I stopped by to look at it. Head moves, but no filament was coming out. I'm guessing at some point the extruder motor tried to move some filament, couldn't so it just ground the filament and lost contact with the filament as a whole. Gonna check the motor. It was fine before, but not too sure what could be wrong with it if something is (not tight enough contact between bearing/filament/worm wheel) wrong with it.
Re: Printing error...globs mostly
June 19, 2014 01:25AM
Here are the things i would check
Clogged extruder
Skipping steps on the extruder motor
Also your temp may be too low, i run PLA up to 210, and some report running hotter.
Also could be under powering your machine - Power suply too small.
Bad filament.

Best of luck to you
Re: Printing error...globs mostly
June 19, 2014 09:45PM
Try higher temperature and isolate your print head with teflon tape.I have the same isue and I end printing pla with 215 degrees celsius thats what show me printer
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