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Unknown Printing Issue

Posted by LogicalThinking 
Unknown Printing Issue
July 09, 2014 11:23AM
Hello RepRappers!

I have built my PrusaMendel i2 long time ago, and I started to calibrate it recently.
However, I found a printing problem that I have no idea how to fix.
I don't know what the problem is!

The prints will come out all squiggly and not well-adhered.
The print itself would not stick to the heated bed.
I've checked the temperature a multiple times, even increasing it by 5 or so degrees.
I've checked the initial bed height, repeatedly checking using the paper trick.
I've replaced any wobbly parts (although I still have a problem with the z-axis wobble)

NOTHING worked!
Please help!

I've uploaded a YouTube video about the issue:
Thank you so much!


{UPDATE: 10/7/2014}
Somebody told me to add more information about the issue, so here it goes:

I am using good quality PLA filament, 3.3mm thick.
The hotend temperature is at 165 degrees, while the bed temperature is at 60 degrees
The hotend that I am using is Jhead Nozzle MK V-B {[reprap.org]}
I am also using a modified version of the Wade's Geared Extruder (though the modifications should not effect its performance)

I am quite sure I've calibrated everything quite accurately!

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Re: Unknown Printing Issue
July 10, 2014 05:26PM
You're definitely starting the print too high. First step, though, is to change your slicer settings to print a brim to make sure the melt chamber is fully charged before the main print begins.

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Re: Unknown Printing Issue
July 10, 2014 06:05PM
You need to say more information ,what material you are using ,what temperature?
If you use pla try blue painter tape and make your nozle just little bit higher so that you can put a sheet of paper under.You can try to rise your hotend temperature a little bit .I'll print with pla materials around 215 but is varies on each hotend.

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Re: Unknown Printing Issue
July 10, 2014 10:43PM
Printing too high? Printing too low? I am not sure who to listen to!
My hot end, when homed, is about a paper's thickness above the hot bed.
In fact, the paper just barely fits.

My slicer is set so that it does print a brim (or a border), but that doesn't seem to help. The melt chamber is fully charged and yet something doesn't work!
Re: Unknown Printing Issue
July 11, 2014 03:47AM
Your homed gap seems right from what you are saying - i.e. a piece of 80gsm copy paper should lightly drag under the nozzle when homed - this should be done only when the bed and hotend are up to temp. Clean the glass thoroughly with window cleaner then finish with a dry kitchen paper towel, vigorously rubbed on the glass. Raise the heater temp to 185C and prime the hotend 15-20mm prior to hitting "print".

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