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mono mendel extruder

Posted by enrapha 
mono mendel extruder
July 29, 2014 06:18PM
so ive had this printer for about a year now and ever since i got it I have been fighting with this extruder. i cant name how many times ive cleaned and recleaned my hotend, changed fillament brands, replaced everything except the extruder hardware(metal stuff). it printed correctly for about two weeks strait and then all the sudden my bowden tube pops off and the issues began... I cleaned my hotend, cleaned my bowden tune, no resistance was met between the extruder to the hot end, however i went ahead and mounted the extruder to the x axis right above the hot end so it was a strait shot from the extruder to the hot end. it made it into the first print for about a minute then jammed up again. it seems to be stripping at the hobbed insert. ive tried tightening and loosening the retention bolts and it still does it. any ideas? could it be possible my hobbed insert was damaged some how? any suggestions would be very helpful.
Re: mono mendel extruder
July 30, 2014 06:17PM
i have same printer like you and i need to print with higher temperature like everyone else or have same problem lik you.Try rise yours temperature little be and see what happen
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