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Ormerod hot end failure mid print

Posted by Svamle 
Ormerod hot end failure mid print
July 30, 2014 12:28PM

I tried searching the forum for someone who had experienced the same problems but found none sad smiley

I was printing a large model, in total it would take about 6-7 hrs to complete, everything went smooth until somehow, the hot end stopped heating and the temperature dropped. The extruder kept on feeding filament, leading to a jam in the hot end because of the drop in temperature and the whole plastic tube popped off. Luckily I was around so I could pause the print. I tried setting the temperature to 195 degrees, but first it wouldn't respond, and the temperature would keep dropping, but after a while it responded and it would rise again. I tried resuming the print but the extruder would not work properly now, only turn back and forth instead of a steady feed of filament.

Now my questions:

Why would the hot end turn off mid print? Is it common for it to get overheated or something? Is there something I could do to prevent this from happening again?

And this problem with resuming prints when paused, why won't the extruder work properly after being paused? This has happened on several occasions before.

Keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help me out smiling smiley

Re: Ormerod hot end failure mid print
July 31, 2014 07:44AM
I think I found the cause of the problem,

today the hot end stopped working all together in between to prints. The bed would heat up properly and the thermistors showed a correct temperature, so in my frustration I started jerking and pulling/pushing some of the connections on the X-axis carridge, and it actually started to work again. So, it must be a bad connection somewhere. This explains the sudden failure of the hot end heating up mid print yesterday.

So in conclusion, if something stops working, fiddle around with the cables and hopefully things will start to work again smiling smiley

Hopefully someone finds this useful!

Re: Ormerod hot end failure mid print
August 02, 2014 05:52AM
I found the 6 pin Ormerod hot end connector unreliable. On my hot end board I replaced it by Molex connectors that I know to be reliable. I also soldered the wires to the thermistor instead of using the push fit connectors, which are not meant to be used with such fine wires.

Btw have you seen the Ormerod forum?

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