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INFILL Issues, machine opens gap, PLA doesn't stick

Posted by Eddie_and_laken 
INFILL Issues, machine opens gap, PLA doesn't stick
July 31, 2014 08:47PM
Hey guys, I use PRONTERFACE and SLIC3R,

Im having the hardest time getting consistent slicing, and speed.

*The issue Im having is After slicing and Proceding to print, the Machine creates a raft layer very nicely at slow speed which is how i want the whole object to print.
After the Raft it creates the outside walls nice, slow and pretty, and when it gets to the first layer of infill it steps up and opens a 2mm gap, the speeds picks up tremendously and
it's just shooting around printing into the air, eventually some blobs make it onto the bed. How can I get it to maintain the same Z axis when printing the first layer of infill, and how can I slow it down, maby im missing a speed setting.

*On a second note, I tried cura and it slices real great and I like the settings, but calibrate it to sit right on the bed, when I start print it steps up like 5 MM before it starts printing, How can I adjust that? Thanks =D

I really appreciate any information.

3 MM PLA filament

Layer high- .3
Perimeters- 3
Solid layers- 2 top and bottom
Fill density- .2
Pattern spacing- 2.5

Infill speed-15

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Re: INFILL Issues, machine opens gap, PLA doesn't stick
August 01, 2014 09:37PM
It could be your firmware settings, acceleration etc rather than the slicer

Waitaki 3D Printer
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