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Trouble printing

Posted by TRoager 
Trouble printing
August 19, 2014 03:14AM
Hello Folks.

i have a ultimaker clone (with ramps).
and i have alittle trouble with this print.

the problem is that it looks like its under extruding in some way.

Click here for the picture

im using Black Colorfabb PLA, at 220 degress and 70 on the bed.

i was using the UM 1 firmware, with 79.xxx in the x and y axis. i have now changed it to 80.
and it seems to be better then the picture above.

but how come this is happening?

- TRoager
Re: Trouble printing
August 19, 2014 02:15PM
I'm not sure what the picture link is. It just takes me to my Google drive.

In any event, without even seeing the object, 220 seems awfully high for PLA. I use 225 for ABS and 185 for PLA. I have used those temperatures from day 1 and have never had an issue. I never tried it, but I would expect that at 220, PLA would take a while to cool which could compromise the print quality
Re: Trouble printing
August 19, 2014 04:57PM
I would tend to agree. I run 205 on the first layer and 200 on the rest for PLA. I think at 220 you may start burning the PLA and the residue may clog the nozzle.

That's just a guess though...

I'm using olive oil on my PLA to keep it flowing as it jams my hotend without it. I put a couple drops on a cotton ball and run it about about 18" of the filament before I start the print, adding some later if it's a long print.

I was having to push my temps up without it and finally it just jammed solid...

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Re: Trouble printing
August 19, 2014 05:32PM
I would not use olive oil, you will cause all sorts of other issues, strip your hot end clean it out, make sure you get all the oil residue out, rebuild it dry, back off the grip on the filament your probably deforming it and making it hard to enter the round hole, also check the alignment of the hot end to the extruder, you can fit these a bit skewed, never put any lubrication on the filament especially olive oil, I used it once on my Z screws, I had loads of trouble it drys out or changes in some way and becomes sticky, changes the lead nuts for Delrin and run it dry,
Good luck
Re: Trouble printing
August 20, 2014 03:29AM
Sorry about the link.

here it is: [drive.google.com]

well if i go below 220, then my extruder is skipping. So maybe there's a temperature difference in my thermistor.

It could be the slicing. i just tried again, and now it looks better, could be something that was wrong with the object (STL file).

But could anyone link me to a good guide for kisslicer??
Re: Trouble printing
August 20, 2014 10:18AM
snip - "I would not use olive oil, you will cause all sorts of other issues..."

There is zero relationship between using olive oil as a mechanical lubricant and very thinly coating the exterior of the PLA. There's plenty of evidence on here of folks solving some of their printing problems by using it.

In short...no, I don't recommend it if you can avoid it. But it is something you can try...and safely...when you've run out of options...

In this particular case, I don't have experience with Kisslicer. I'm using Sli3er. So someone who knows that setup can probably help you better. as it does look more like a settings issue from the latest photo. The stringing suggests too high of an extrusion temperature, not enough retraction between long moves and/or too slow of a movement. Direct cooling at the extrusion nozzle may also help.

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Re: Trouble printing
August 20, 2014 02:46PM
i have 1 big 120*120 fan blowing on the build plate and a print fan. but the stringing is because of the 1.1 retraction with bowden and thats not enough, but the object is like missing some layers and then its not extruding correctly. but im not an expert at slic3r and i heard that KISSlicer could be better.
Re: Trouble printing
August 20, 2014 05:18PM
try it with the big fan off, print won't be a very pretty ptrint but I wonder if you are cooling the hotend down too much causing the low flow issue and jamming.
Re: Trouble printing
August 21, 2014 02:31AM
Could be. ill try it out.
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