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Layer Adhesion

Posted by multitronic 
Layer Adhesion
September 18, 2014 05:44AM
This may sound weird but Im having trouble with the 3rd layer adhesion on most of my prints lately. See the attached pics for more info. This is 3mm PLA

The 3rd layer seems to lift off the 2nd in some areas. Is this a temp issue? My preheat temps are 195 for the hot end and 70 for the bed. Printing temps are 195 and 65. Could that 5 degree difference cause this? The other difference in my printing lately is that im not waiting for the heatbed to warm up for 5min like I used to. Could that cause it?
open | download - 20140918_081600.jpg (79.5 KB)
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Re: Layer Adhesion
September 23, 2014 12:05PM
Hi I got the same problem at the mo with the same settings, ive tried it at 200 and been setting the bed at 70 to start for first layer then 75 after to stop contraction seems to work for that.as far as I can tell at the mo, which I need to do myself is its the speed and temp of the extruder. I think for mine I need to get fan sorted to blow directly on extruder then I think 200 and increase in speed should solve it, don't know yet not done it but let me know how ya go, im a newbie too winking smiley
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