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Supports lifted from bed during print

Posted by Wpflum 
Supports lifted from bed during print
October 19, 2014 04:46PM
This is the first time since I've been printing that I've had any ABS lift off the bed due to cooling/curling. It's also the first time I've printed something with a big chunk of support in also. Is this normal, is it easier for the support ABS to curl due to how it's put down? I use ABS juice but no bed so I'm wondering if the next time I have a print with a big support area if I should use a bed.

Re: Supports lifted from bed during print
October 20, 2014 05:24PM
Well, I use heated bed with all ABS prints, but if you have been lucky without it, maybe a raft will do it for you.
Re: Supports lifted from bed during print
October 20, 2014 06:38PM
Sorry, I saw your post and realized I didn't include the fact that I am using a heated bed. Up till now I've been running it at 110c and have had no issues at all. This was the first item I've had corner curls but it was only on the support part of the print, it looked like it was lifted off the bed by 1/8 inch. Fortunately by the time the part overhang was printed the support in between got compressed a bit from the nozzle bumping across it that the finished print was not impacted much at all. I was wondering if a raft would help stop this when I have large prints with lots of support.
Re: Supports lifted from bed during print
October 20, 2014 10:47PM
OK, so I probably I misunderstood you... Yes a raft will help, but what I usually do is to slow down the first layer a lot and go 75% of the first layer height (S3D slicer) that will secured the support structure and in this way you don't need the raft. So if my print speed is set to 40, my first layer is set to 20 and if my layer height is 0.2 the first one will be 0.15.

I learned some time ago that the best secret to a perfect print is your first layer, if I don't get it right, I cancel the print and I start all over again.

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