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Kisslicer configuration options

Posted by barakori 
Kisslicer configuration options
December 17, 2014 04:59PM
I tried KISSlicer a few days ago and I'm in love ;-)

There's just something in the support (sparse further away, dense closer to the model) that makes printing overhangs (and generally) much more accurate.

I have a couple of questions about tweaking the settings. Not sure it's possible, but I'll give it a try:

First - The dense support is printed in the 20 layers below the model. This seems a bit too much. Is there a way to change that? (e.g. "only" print dense support for 10 layers).

Second - The outer shell print speed is called 'perimeter' (this one, I want to be slow and accurate). Then there are two other speeds: "Solid infill Support" and "Spase Infill".
I think the middle one also controls the inner shell print speed, so that can't be too high, but this slows down printing support, which I'd be happy to have at a higher speed.
Is there a way to control these separately?

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