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makerfarm prusa i3v abs jamming

Posted by UltraSaucy 
makerfarm prusa i3v abs jamming
December 20, 2014 09:37PM
So I have a makerfarm i3v an I have gone through about a roll and a half of place without problems. I just got a roll of blue abs from makergeeks, and it has been jamming a lot. I have a hexagon hotend, 1.75, and I have been printing at 240c. Any ideas to why it is jamming?
Re: makerfarm prusa i3v abs jamming
December 21, 2014 02:48PM
I'm really not an expert, but I understood switching between PLA and ABS is not trivial - you have to make sure there are no leftovers from the previous material.

I started with ABS, and when I switched to PLA, it took forever to get all the ABS out of the hotend/nozzle. Initially I pushed a lot of PLA at ABS melting temperature, and for a while the printer printed well (at 190C), until I got poor prints, then I had to heat to 230C and extrude a lot of filament.
Lucky for me, my ABS was black and I switched to white PLA, so I could trace those ABS leftovers over my PLA prints.

The other way around would seem simpler, since you're using higher temperatures for ABS, but I remember reading in a thread that it's actually the other way around, as PLA crystallizes, and you get residues when switching to ABS. Google for switching between PLA and ABS. I'm now printing strictly with PLA (it's faster to heat and get decent results). YMMV.
Re: makerfarm prusa i3v abs jamming
December 21, 2014 04:51PM
Interesting, I like the Hexagon for ABS, although I found PLA would stick in it after a while.

You can clean the parts of the hexagon pretty well with a chef's blow torch. So it might be worth disassembling it, and giving it a good clean that way. To get ABS out I tend to soak it in acitone, but it's slower and you need to poke at it to get the dissolving goo out. You can burn off the abs too, but it's more acrid. Once I've done all that I clean the inside with pipe cleaners and season with a little olive oil.
Re: makerfarm prusa i3v abs jamming
December 21, 2014 09:01PM
How much should I dissasemble it? I took the hotend and torched the nozzle and where the heater goes, and took some small wire and ran it through the nozzel. Should that be enough, or should I take the hotend apart further? I have yet to put it back on the printer.

*Update*I assembled the printer and tried printing again, and it jammed again. Is it possible I am printing at to night a temp? I'm printing at 250c

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