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It doesn't print correctly

Posted by JasperCocquyt 
It doesn't print correctly
January 26, 2015 03:21PM
Hello everyone, first of all i want to say sorry if the topic isn't in the right place :/
Second i want to ask you guys about something weird my printer does, i moves the whole object slighty to the right (see picture if you can see it).
i don't know why he does it and how. it's alsways the same length it moves. but not the same hights. in the picture of the total object it has move 3 times!! witch makes the object almost unuseable.
does anyone have the same problem and knows wheere its from? (on the monitor it doesn't show that it has moved.
thanks ahead for the helP!!

Re: It doesn't print correctly
January 26, 2015 04:03PM
Four thinks I can think of:
- Is there anything blocking your extruder? Like a cable that is being held back when at a certain height of the build or something like that?
- Another point: Perhaps your motors are having power problems. Try to adjust the power supplies of your motors on the driverboard. There should be a potentiometer next to the mosfets.
wiki quote: "The trimpot on the stepper drivers controls the current limit. Turn it all the way down (counter clock wise) and back up 25%. Be careful to not force the trimpot, it is delicate.
You will need to fine tune the current limit later. Note that it is allways giving the motors that much power, even when not moving, so if your stepper motor drivers are getting hot, you may want to turn it down slightly. "
- And are your linear bearings gliding without much resistance?
- Another thing could be missing steps. Look at the belt system of your x-carriage, is the belt still being held in place nice and tightly? You could observe the printer while printing to see, what's going on when such
a step occurs.

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Re: It doesn't print correctly
January 27, 2015 05:10PM
i'll look thru all the teps thanks!
i've searched online and some people had the same problem and they they that it was their stepper chip that isn't fabricaded correctly and that it that way scips steps. now i have switched the X and Y stepper chip and we'll see if it still skips a step but then in the other direction then we know that stepper chip is not good anymore . Velleman said if you can prove it in that way that then you'll get a new stepper chip in guarantee so we'll see!
thanks a lot!!
Re: It doesn't print correctly
January 27, 2015 05:21PM
Ok. Just let us know, if you found the error =)
Re: It doesn't print correctly
February 05, 2015 05:12AM
We've now turned up the volts of the x and Y stepper motors tot 5.2 instead of 4.2 and u till now we haven't had any problems legt smiling smiley the only thing that happens a lot latley is that the parts come lose at soms point at pri ging :/ they like bend because of the crimp I think..could that be?
Re: It doesn't print correctly
February 06, 2015 04:28AM
Great to hear good news =)
You mean warping? Are you printing with ABS and if so, do you use a heat bed?
There are lots of people having problems with that. The first layers cool down while the printer is
printing on the next ones. While cooling down, they retract, which leads to warping and loosing grip.
I currently am fighting the same issue.
Most used solutions seem to be:
- Printing on blue tape
- Printing in a heated chamber (enclose the whole printer and heat it up to 40-50°C)
- Printing on glue stick
- Printing on hairspray

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