GeckoTek 3D Buildplate adhesion problems
March 30, 2015 02:54AM
Good morning,

so, I just received my Geckotek 3D Buildplate from the kickstarter campaign: link

I got the entire weekend to test this plate. Unfortunately even on small parts, I've a massive warping on the prints. I tried different Z offset settings. From zero (nozzle is directly on the plate) to 0.3 (there is to much space)

It's just feeling like printing on naked glas instead of an special buildplate. Did someone share my experiences? Or does someone has tipps for me? I'm only printing PLA.

(p.s. Yes, the bed is leveled correctly)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Re: GeckoTek 3D Buildplate adhesion problems
March 30, 2015 03:06AM
In the link you provided, there is a comment section. The first comment that has also been on there for the past 7 hours says they think there was a bad batch made. They are looking into the problem. I'm sure if you tell them they will give you a new one.
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