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Lcd Screen not working

Posted by jack001214 
Lcd Screen not working
April 07, 2015 12:36PM
Hi there im new to this area and I cant my LCD to work
I tried everything accept Flashing the Firmware I saw every YouTube Video that you have edit "Merlin" I am way to Scared
to Flash it the problem is the text doesn't show and the Screen backlight work only if I plug it in the Main Board.

My video: [www.youtube.com]

The printer:He3D-A300 3D Printer Kit Package Reprap

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Re: Lcd Screen not working
April 09, 2015 08:21PM
I'm not sure there's another way to enable the LCD screen without enabling it in the firmware. You might be able to edit something in the EEPROM, but I'm not sure with Marlin (usually that's the type of thing that you compile in, in my experience).

I'm guessing your board came with firmware already on it? -- Honestly, if you want to do anything that's not "out of the box" with your printer (like adding an LCD screen, or auto-bed leveling, etc.) you're going to have to get used to editing your firmware. In my experience, it's not really something you can get around.

Tom has a pretty good video guide on configuring and uploading the Marlin firmware for RAMPS (and yeah, it's "Marlin", not "Merlin").

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