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Shaxon ABS filament at Frys is crap

Posted by thetazzbot 
Shaxon ABS filament at Frys is crap
May 26, 2015 02:27PM
I've tried endlessly to prove my first theory wrong, that the Shaxon abs filament is crap. I bought a spool of Neon Green. And it has been no end of headaches.

What I've pretty much determined through non-scientific methods is that there are two types of Dye for filaments. Liquid and Powder. The better filaments use liquid dye, or basically dyed plastic pellets mixed with nuetral during the manufacturing process. This filament seems to use a power based dye. The reason I say this is that my hot end blackens and sometimes a black ball of melted plastic will ooze out and cause my print to go to crap.

I've also noticed that when I put the filament in acetone, it doesnt readily disolve like my orange ABS from another vendor. The green box was definately labeled ABS, and looks like ABS, it is not springy like the PLA I have (also shaxon).

Has anyone else had similar difficulties with this brand?
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