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PLA 3D Printing Safety Report

Posted by Ink3D.ie 
PLA 3D Printing Safety Report
May 26, 2015 07:36PM
Hi all,

Below is an article written recently on the safety of PLA when used as a 3D printing filament. Would anyone here have any other points the can think of that could be added to the list off the top of their heads?

Also, did you find the article helpful. Any criticism is welcome and appreciated.


Did you find the report helpful?

(1) Yes, there were many things outlined that I was previously unaware of.

(2) No, I found it to be fairly predictable and learned nothing new.

(3) Yes, but it could have been better written.

(4) No, and please don't post content like this again.

(5) I had no strong feelings either way.

Artice: [www.ink3d.ie]
Re: PLA 3D Printing Safety Report
May 26, 2015 08:44PM
The report overlooks the issue of what is contained in the PLA. It's all very well that PLA itself is food-safe, but what about the dyes used to colour it?
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