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yet another curling issue

Posted by poijoy 
yet another curling issue
June 14, 2015 04:38AM
I'm having a bit of a curling problem on my new (first) printer which is infuriating! I've build an enclosure to put it in and used tape with gluestick to hold get the surface ahdesion but I'm still not having any joy. The glue seems to be working very well but the tape just keeps lifting from the surface with the peice attached to it (see photos). I've got the bed heated to 85C (max on bed is 90C) and the print temp is 265C, any hints gratevfully received smiling smiley
open | download - 2015-06-14 19.59.09.jpg (145.9 KB)
open | download - 2015-06-14 19.59.40.jpg (115.7 KB)
Re: yet another curling issue
June 15, 2015 07:28AM
Hmm. I use ABS juice and glass bed and I almost never have that warping, curling. But my bed is 105-110C. I use many times a faint ducted fan to blow to the part not to the nozzle. It stops curling "freezing it", but can make the part more fragile ( I have snap-fit parts that don't broke even made with the fan). I suppose you use ABS because your temp is 265C. I use 230-234C with ABS.


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