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First Layer Mess

Posted by JordanMac 
First Layer Mess
June 25, 2015 12:42PM
Hi Everyone,

Got a problem with my printer, it was working fine until i moved it to my new house and now I cant even print the first layer without it causing a mess. from what i can see as the filament is layed down small pieces curl up and these curls later on get stuck to the nozzle causing the extruded filament to be dragged around the build plate. please see video link below, (note the blue gunk is not on the glass build plate it is on the heated bed itself below).


Thanks in advance
Re: First Layer Mess
June 25, 2015 04:16PM
If you want to share a video it helps not to set it on private winking smiley
Re: First Layer Mess
June 25, 2015 04:41PM
My guess would be something got out of whack when you were moving and now the height is off. I would start by recalibrating everything and resetting your z-height.
Re: First Layer Mess
June 25, 2015 06:47PM
I'm not the best expert by any stretch but it certainly looks like the nozzle is too far from the bed for the first layer as Kurzaa mentions above. It should be set so a piece of paper has drag on it when you try to pull it from between the nozzle and bed. Once set at this height and the bed is level with consistent drag at all four corners it should squish the first layer onto the bed for good adhesion. It appears the extruded material is never sticking to the bed as the nozzle is too far from the bed for the material to adhere properly to it.

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Re: First Layer Mess
June 28, 2015 09:11PM
Or perhaps you are lazy to do bed leveling procedure like mine, perfectly leveled and didn't want to mess with the bed screws anymore, I would go for 2 things, adjust the z home offset or the screw to hit z endstop.

use m206 is the home offset settings, and what I usually do before print when it's this messy/too far

1. m206 z0.05
2. m500 (store value above)
3 m501 (verify the value)
4. home the z axis
5. increase z by about more than the value above in 1
6. g0 z0 (with a piece of paper underneath it and make sure bed are heated up)

I usually do just one point for this depending on how I wanted this to go, sometimes I just directly print after the new value has been punched it and check. Now my bed are perfectly leveled flat (manually with about 5 pass of leveling procedure), I just do at one point and adjust the offsets

Positive offsets means it goes closer to endstops while negative further away from the endstops. This appllies to all axis.

For yours, try use z0.2 so that the nozzle will squish down the plastic making the first layer roughly about 100microns
Re: First Layer Mess
June 29, 2015 09:59AM
From my experience, nothing likes to stick to bare glass. I have 1 layer of blue painters tape, and things stick really well. Are you using any hair spray or anything? Also, if you havn't you should inspect and tighten the bolts on your printer if its been moved around. Re-leveling your bed may help.

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