Slicing program with the most settings
June 29, 2015 04:58AM
Hello everybody

I got used to Makerbots slicing program's plentyfull settings back in the days and now I cant find anything to suit my needs when not working with Makerbot's printer anymore. I loved the way I could tune the overlapping of boundaries and infill, orientation of infill and many other structurally important features. Now I have been printing mainly with Cura, and there is no such options available, or is there but hidden in somewhere?

I have tried to use Repetier but that one just doesn't feel right, I get only poor prints with that even though there are the most setting that I've come around since the Makerware or how is it called.

Do you know a good tunable slicer? It does not have to be free if it is good.

Re: Slicing program with the most settings
June 29, 2015 10:07AM
Cura, sli3er are all good, but sli3er is the only one that I use to print cylinders, because Cura puts the stop/start points on the same spot every layer no matter what, so you get a Z scar on your prints. I use cura for anything else, just because its easy to change settings and runs the printer smoother, as to sli3er does some different startup moves that aren't as smooth, and also because you have to specify an individual speed for almost every type of move, infill outside layers, and overhangs, bridges, and so on, while cura just has a couple settings for the stuff you actually care about. One thing you should know about Cura, is that it was designed to work with the Ultimaker line of printers, and so some of the warnings like "hey, your trying to extrude too much filament too fast" are based on what the ultimaker extruder can handle. I recommend getting both, because some features in both are better than the other.

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Re: Slicing program with the most settings
June 30, 2015 02:34AM
Slic3r has the most settings.
Re: Slicing program with the most settings
July 01, 2015 03:39PM
Allrite, I may have to give Slicer a new change after long time ago abandoning it as a way-crappier-than-cura program. There sure are a lot of things to tune but the ones I am missing are... missing. I would really love to tune the overlapping of walls and infill technically correctly (other ways than adjusting flow).

I was hoping somebody to point me a software that I had nver heard of. It's sort of sad that the best options were in Makerbot's software years ago sad smiley

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Re: Slicing program with the most settings
July 02, 2015 08:10AM
Kisslicer is worth a look.

It's got lots of knobs on and the results are quite good.

You need to add some end g-code to home an axis otherwise it just leaves the hot end nozzle parked on top of your print melting a hole in it when finished.

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