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Cant calibrate the bed

Posted by ermesser 
Cant calibrate the bed
July 02, 2015 04:29AM
I have a prusa i3 dual extruder, and im a beginner.
Im trying to print a simple cube with only one extruder, but the problem is that the first layer is ok and the next ones are not being printed or printed some with "touches " of plastic. I think that the problem is the bed leveling - as i understand, if i print in 0.2 level thickness, i must level the extruder in four courners as a thickness of 3 times folded A4 paper - 0.05 *2*2=0.2
But still, no result - or its too high, or, if i pause and try to take the bed upper it gives me the same horrible result.
Please, help me, what am i doing wrong? How can i possibly level the bed perfectly ?
The settings are
thickness 0.2
PLA 1.75
0.3 extruder
extrusion rate 2.5 - i know its very high but i read somewhere here that it helps...
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