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Reversing Hand

Posted by wetsparks 
Reversing Hand
August 09, 2015 08:42AM
Having some issue with me printing at the moment. If I send a Left handed print to the printer it prints out Right handed and vis a versa. I've tried altering the software, Simplify3D but without success. Is there a setting in Marlin that could be causing this problem?
Re: Reversing Hand
August 09, 2015 10:14AM
Sounds to me like you need to reverse one of your axis, there is a checkbox for doing just that in Simply3D
Re: Reversing Hand
August 09, 2015 12:04PM
I've tried all the check boxes in Simplify to no avail. Interesting though, I've just been repeating the exorcise using Lic3r and have exactly the same problem, so it must be something in Marlin.

Now just in case it makes a difference, my home position is 240,0,0. That is the X parks to the left side. Wonder if that's causing the problem. Oh, the X is set for Max limit not Min.
Re: Reversing Hand
August 10, 2015 10:42PM
Looks like an endstop or axis problem.
Here's an old thread...

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Waitaki 3D Printer
Re: Reversing Hand
August 15, 2015 01:58AM
There is a setting in Simplify3d and probably in Slic3r as well

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