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Random large/small offsets on layers [Solved]

Posted by settrbrg 
Random large/small offsets on layers [Solved]
August 21, 2015 03:21AM
Hello RepRap forums! This is my first post since I am going to be a Reprapper myself today. My prusa i3 is arriving today grinning smiley

Anyway the reason I am writing is because I've been helping my cousin building his reprap based printer and yesterday we got stuck on this stupid problem I wanted to share.

The problem was that the printer started to offset layers, sometimes just a little bit each layer and sometimes it would go several cm for just one layer and so on. For the "small offsets each layer"-problem we checked the stepper motor power through this guide:

That did not help so we marked the motor shaft and the pulleys with a marker to see if there was movement in them, but nope!

Just as we where gonna call it a day we saw that the wire to one of the end stops were touching a cord strap each time the heat bed passed it. So it turned out that the REASON was just bad solder connection on the wires to the end stop!

Annoying beginner mistake! Unfortunately I did not take a picture, but at least I wanted to tell my story since there probably are other beginners out there who will make the same mistake and there where not anyone suggesting this in any solution.

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