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Lots of problems with a Prusa i3

Posted by HSBallina 
Lots of problems with a Prusa i3
August 23, 2015 07:30AM
Hi! I've been trying to get consistent prints out of my Prusa i3 but it just doesn't want to cooperate sad smiley I've tried printing with Proterface and Repetier, sliced with Slic3r and Cura but nothing turns out consistently ok.

Here's an example of how a first layer might look:

Yesterday's print of an X axis idler turned out kind of ok.I posted a bunch of pictures on my blog. Please take a look if you have time.

I've calibrated and recalibrated the extruder, been through quite a few guides but I just can't nail the problem. Any ides what I could check would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Lots of problems with a Prusa i3
August 23, 2015 09:31AM
A few more examples from today. Soggy fill on small areas, gaps in single walls, gaps on the bottom layer and gaps on the top sad smiley I attached the gcode from the print.

Re: Lots of problems with a Prusa i3
August 23, 2015 09:17PM
What speeds are you printing at, and what layer height are you running? Your extruder might be slipping; that would explain why your extruder calibration seems inaccurate.
Re: Lots of problems with a Prusa i3
August 27, 2015 06:40PM
Soggy fill might be too high a temperature. Gaps in walls is caused by the slicing software not being able to fill due to the extrusion width: if you've got a 1.25 mm thick wall and your extrusion width is .5mm, you're going to end up with a .25mm gap in the middle.

Have you run through the calibration guide on the reprap wiki yet? [reprap.org]

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