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Too many issues with this print!

Posted by 4Lyfe 
Too many issues with this print!
September 03, 2015 04:09AM
I've just fixed some issues with my printer's stepper motors and after a few calibration prints, I tried to print out a real design, however, multiple problems occurred after the first few layers. As you can see in the attached photos, there is missing infill, small beads instead of lines that cover the perimeters, and slight offset of layers. Anyone know what's causing these problems? Thanks!

My usual prints are perfectly aligned with straight perimeters, no problems whatsoever, so I'm curious as to why there is a sudden change, could it be from motor current or extrusion speeds?

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Re: Too many issues with this print!
September 03, 2015 05:24AM
It depends if you've changed anything in the hardware or in slicer settings. Even a new roll of filament with a slightly different diameter can cause some under extrusion. Slipping filament because the filament is thinner. I usually measure the filament at 4 or 5 points over a stretch of 1m, using the average as diameter. Tolerances can vary, even with the same spool.
Re: Too many issues with this print!
September 03, 2015 11:36AM
Looks like extrusion problems to me.

Check your slicer settings, like filament diameter, and the multiplier. I don't use the multiplier, but just make sure I get an accurate measurement, and tweak it if I need to.

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