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Buildtak - No adhesion?

Posted by Kafledelius 
Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 09, 2015 02:58PM
Hello Reprappers!

So i just bought my self a Buildtak plate.
I keep reading about people having a hardtime getting prints OFF a buildtak. How ever, my issue is in the opposit direction..
My Prints does not adhere very well. (PLA Prints, havent tried ABS yet)
it starts warping and i can easy pick it up from the buildplate with little or no force.

I did some experimenting with nozzle height and temperature.
At the current nozzle height, the PLA wont stick at all at 190 degrees. even the brim doesnt adhere and is just dragged around on the plate by the nozzle (No heated bed).
At 210 degrees, the pla sticks, but warps after a few layers (5-6) (No heated bed).

I have cleansed my buildtak with alcohol, and i even tried replacing it with a brand new.

What can be the cause of this? Do i need to increase the temperature even further?
Does this simply have something to do with my current roll of filament? Or am i doing something wrong?
Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 10, 2015 10:02AM
I've been experimenting with BuildTak for one week. Here is what I've found:

1. PLA, 215 C extruder, 60 C bed, paper nozzle spacing = stuck like glue.
2. PLA, 215 C extruder, 60 C bed, business card spacing = no adhesion at all
3. PLA, 205 C extruder, 40 C bed, paper nozzle spacing = variable adhesion
4. PLA, 210 C extruder, 40 C bed, paper nozzle spacing = perfect.

It will depend on your PLA though so that might not work for you. I clean with isopropyl alcohol before every print. Make sure your nozzle is clean before you level your plate, and level it before every print.

I was also experimenting with the first layer extrusion width and I currently have it set to 110% for a 0.4mm nozzle which seems to be working well for me.

I am interested in what others have found too, because when I followed the suggested settings from the manufacturer it didn't work at all. Ideally I'd like to be printing close to 190-200 C.

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Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 10, 2015 10:07AM
Thank you very Much Waley.

I have similar result, though i have an unheated bed which means the bed is 20 to 22 degrees hot.
i never get Glue like adhesion. The first layer seems to be sticking Ok, but after a few layers it warps.

I if stop the print after first layer, the layer is not hard to pull off sad smiley
Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 10, 2015 12:36PM
Mess with first-layer height, maybe extruder temperature. If you have a heated bed, try that.
Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 10, 2015 01:53PM
I used BuildTak for some months. I print PLA with no heat bed. and it sticks well at 0.1 - 0.2 mm for first layer as long as it is clean. Over 0.2 mm it is harder to make it stick. I probably print at lower temperatures. My temp is way off courtesy of the print kit manufacturer (off spec. thermistor)
Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 11, 2015 02:07AM
Thanks for this info guys... I too am having this problem with BuildTak but my first print was perfect apart from overly strong adhesion....

I will try a higher temp and lower gap....
Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 11, 2015 11:25AM
Also, make sure that your first layer extrusion width is boosted well above 100%. I have mine set to 200 in slic3r, it helps alot.

Master Tinkerer
Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 11, 2015 12:16PM
thank you Montiey, will try it.

I am using white PLA which it seems most people is using relatively low temperature on (195 ish). I have to have et at 210 or higher to get adhesion. Does this sound right to you guys?
Or is the printing temperature more brand related than color related?

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Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 11, 2015 04:34PM
My pla prints fine at 210, and that's kinda a recommended starting point for pla. I have really bad oozing and z scars, so I am experimenting with 204. the lower the temperature, the lower the adhesion, but also less ooze. hotter temps will offer better adhesion and part strength, but also will cause ridiculous mess (good for parts & tools, not jewelry..).

Master Tinkerer
Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 11, 2015 11:39PM
I am about to give up BuildTak.
Sure it is a good thing if a parts sticks exactly the way it should - but you only find out after the print.
Comparing small and big parts to get the settings right does not really work either.
The surface is quite sensitve to pressure marks and really does not like the use of sharp tools to get remaining plastic off.
So far the best to get parts off was for me to use methylated spirit.
All around the part, poke around a bit to get a little lift off somewhere and the stuff seperates the print from the bed.
I am back to pure glass now and happy with it, no problems getting parts to stick and if they are too hard to get off the plate won't mind a sharp knife winking smiley
Re: Buildtak - No adhesion?
September 12, 2015 02:51AM
I'm actually quite happy about my buildtak now!
after i increased the temperature of my PLA it sticks like a charm smiling smiley and its easy to take off!

I havent had any warping for a couple of prints now smiling smiley even a 170x30mm long square came out with no warp!
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