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Print Quality

Posted by Kana Padmaja 
Print Quality
October 07, 2015 07:59AM
Hello, I am new to this 3d printing field.I ve been working on Pruisa i3 rework. Where I am using
• J Head extruder with 0.5 mm
• Nozzle with Greg’s Wade extruder
• esun ABS filament of 3mm dia.
• Bed Temperature-100° C
• Nozzle temperature-220° C
• Speed 30mm/sec
• Layer height 0.2mm
Sliced the ‘Marvin’ with support structures in Slic3r and removed the support after the print and I got the print result like this (see the images) At the botttom and top some what it was ok, in the middle it was not good. Would you please suggest me to get the better print result. Thank you.
open | download - IMG_20151005_160508.jpg (279 KB)
open | download - IMG_20151005_160519.jpg (525.4 KB)
Re: Print Quality
October 07, 2015 11:35AM
It looks as though your printer is over extruding filament. The filament can only go where there's space, which usually is to the perimeter/outside or up. When it's going up the nozzle goes through the goop it's producing, giving such results. Usually this is worse at the corners.
Temperature may also be an issue but I'd first get extrusion within acceptable tolerances, then see if there's any backlash (symptoms of infill lines grouped together as pairs like this: // // // // instead of regular: ///////////. One tends to over extrude to fill in the gaps between the pairs, this can be as much as 15% over extrusion. Infill not meeting perimeters on one or two sides is also an indication of backlash. Tighten belts, screws, bearings, idlers, printing plate, hot end. No lateral motion should be possible, only the intended motion.

Finally, check if the extruder is extruding smoothly ie if the extruder motor runs smoothly during longer stretches of infill. If it's moving with pauses then you should fix that too. It could be that the motor is skipping steps. You'll need to recalibrate extruder steps per mm again after you've fixed this problem.

Also note that slicer v1.2.8 and 1.2.9 has some over extrusion bugs (particularly with infill in thin walls). Use version 1.1.7 to 1.2.7 until this problem is fixed.
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