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Midprint failure

Posted by MichaelBrock 
Midprint failure
October 09, 2015 08:49AM
I am printing with a SmartRap Core (corexy) printer. Last night I printed a tablet stand, just about the largest thing I have printed to date. It started very well but when I checked on it this morning I have this:

I am printing Inland gray PLA at 190 w/ a first layer at 195. .4mm nozzle, with .2 mm layers, and .2mm first layer. Is this caused by too low nozzle temperature? It otherwise is very solid and my last 1/2 dozen or so prints were at these same temperatures without any issues. Maybe bad filament?

The other problem is that this thing stuck to the glass bed with cheap glue stick so well that I broke the glass trying to get it off!
Re: Midprint failure
October 09, 2015 01:31PM
I print with a Prusa i3. I find the best temperature for my PLA is 210C with a bed temperature of 60C. I use blue tape on aluminum. If I let the piece cool on the bed, I have trouble getting it off the tape. I found wiping the tape with 90% rubbing alcohol improves sticking. I use ZenToolWorks.com filament. The bad print might be caused by loose connections or a power glitch. Might put your printer on a UPS for very long prints.
Re: Midprint failure
October 09, 2015 04:55PM
I had the same problem with nylon sticking too well, even after cooling and soaking in water. You can dilute the glue with water, find the right balance between stick and release by how much water you add. It worked for me.

I think the pla warped and layers came off. You can increase bed temperature and hotend. If you use a cooling fan for the printed part try a lower rpm.
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