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supports become part of the object

Posted by Qdeathstar 
supports become part of the object
November 08, 2015 07:10PM

I was printing good slowly at about 40mm/s and when I print at that rate, the supports were super easy to get rid of. Now that I got the printer dialed in at the slower speed, I sped it up to around 70mm/s.

The print still looks good, but the supports won't come off. I just tried to lower the extrusion temp a bit by 5 degrees c, but I thought I seen somewhere in slicer settings an option to slow down the support layers to give them more time to cool but I can't seem to find it anymore.... anyone got any ideas?
Re: supports become part of the object
November 08, 2015 10:25PM
The settings you use will depend on your hot end orifice diameter. My printer has a .571mm orifice.

There are several settings under support that affect this, you will need to experiment.

Contact Z distance - this is not just a drop-down, you can set it to a value like 0.05. For my prints this causes the support material to barely touch, but is easily removed.

You haven't specified what pattern, using rectilinear?

Pattern spacing: I use 4.5mm. This is the spacing of the bulk support lines, it does not need to be too close together.

Interface Layers - this is the number of semi-solid layers between the bulk support and your object. It does not usually need to be more than 2 layers thick.

Interface pattern spacing - I use .65mm. This yields a slight space between the interface lines, making it easier to remove.

The other two areas that affect support are:
Under advanced - the Support Material width. This may need to be wider than you think, as it is basically bridging when it prints support - make it wider if support extrudes are breaking.
Under Speed - Support Material and Support material interface. You may need to adjust these down if the support material, or Interface extrudes are breaking.

Also, if you are printing an object with a rounded bottom, then you may want at least 1 raft layer.

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