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New printer

Posted by goldman 
New printer
December 25, 2015 03:00PM
I have just finished building my Prusa i3 clone. I tried a first print of a sample cube and it was ok. However I now moved the printer to a new location near my computer and it will not print. The extruder wont go above 230° and the HB wont exceed 70° so it doesn't start to print. I am using repetier host and cura. I have been warned by the seller not to update the firmware (?), what can I do? I have a ctc printer which I use with replicator G and skeinforge, so wondered if I can use this with my prusa i3?
Re: New printer
December 26, 2015 10:31AM
Hi Goldman,

Maybe I can help you.
Does your clone use Arduino?
I'm using pronterface and Slic3r with great succes.
Re: New printer
December 28, 2015 11:36AM
If the seller has told you not to change the firmware on the board, that's just crazy. You should definitely get a clean install of whatever firmware the board can run. Like Mendel said, if your board is an Arduino or Arduino clone, I recommend Marlin.
The reason that you should wipe the firmware, (and no, you can't read the file thats been written to the board already) is because if you want to change just one setting, you will need to have a copy of the uncompiled files on your computer. Once you have the firmware files on your computer you are free to change settings and then compile and upload it. Setting up the new firmware shouldn't be too hard, but there are some things that you will need to know, or at least find out.

-Thermistor specifications
-Max temp for hotend, heatbed
-E-steps (this one is tricky) for all axis
-Max usable bed size
-Pid settings (just use autotune in Marlin, easy)
-Endstop configurations
-Min temp safety settings
-Tons of other safety settings
-Acceleration and jerk settings

And basically everything that is not configurable in your slicer, but will need to be known by the printer in order to print correctly.

Long story short, you will need to to a lot more work, but if you don't, you will never be able to change any settings, which you will almost undoubtably will need to.
(Sorry! tongue sticking out smiley)

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Master Tinkerer
Re: New printer
December 29, 2015 04:21PM
You might try asking the seller for a copy of the configuration files they uploaded to your printer. Odds are they know it works and don't want you to reload the firmware, make a mistake, and then demand a refund from them.

As for your current issues, is it possible you have a draft near the new location that is preventing the temperature from rising anymore? Have you double checked your slicer settings to ensure they are set for more than 230 / 70 degrees? Perhaps check the gcode itself once it is loaded into the queue.
Re: New printer
December 29, 2015 05:01PM
I was about to say something along those lines but then I got side tracked explaining how to upload a fresh firmware.. tongue sticking out smiley

Master Tinkerer
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