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Black abs curls up edges

Posted by Aydelott 
Black abs curls up edges
February 07, 2016 10:30PM
I got some hatch box black abs and I've tried everything I know to do but the edges curl up or ball up I've tried different temperatures speeds nothing is helping it prints a beautiful raft lays good on it but I have a lot of edges about .250in half way up the part and the keep curling or making rounded corners with balls of plastic please help my printer is a flash forge creator pro fully inclosed and heated bed I run simplify 3D
Re: Black abs curls up edges
February 08, 2016 02:00AM
Pictures please. Does it only do this with black filament, or with other colors too?
Is your printer enclosed? Do you have a print cooling fan turned on?

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Re: Black abs curls up edges
February 08, 2016 06:46AM
I use very faint fan with the small tipped duct blowing to the print (ABS). Someone now says that not to use fan with ABS, but I haven't got problems with small parts. Small blow "freezes" the plastic and stops the curling. Not 100%, but it helps. Example: [youtu.be]
Now I have extended the tip with aluminum foil tape.

There is something like:
Flash Forge Cooling Fan Duct

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Re: Black abs curls up edges
February 08, 2016 12:58PM
We don't use any cooling fans on ABS as they always have caused us warps!

Have you tried printing with a Brim (as opposed to your raft you mention)

And what temperature is your bed at?

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