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PLA Problems

Posted by sarf2k4 
PLA Problems
February 26, 2016 07:30AM
Currently I'm using an e3d v6 hot end direct drive along with some teflon tube inside to reach the extruder, my problem is, I kept having somewhat filament jam, after I canceled the print job and push the filament manually, the plastic did get extruded. So my assumption was that the filament somewhat got stuck in the heatbreak cylinder where the filament exits on the teflon tube.

My current retract setting is; distance 1mm, speed 30mm/s.

It never failed to produce the same results, same z height during the print and I'm puzzled why this kept happening on the same z height
Re: PLA Problems
February 27, 2016 01:10AM
If it is not an original hotend check the many related topics for the fix by sanding and polishing.
Re: PLA Problems
February 27, 2016 03:01AM
It's the genuine e3d v6 by the way, I'm printing at 60mm/s with at least 220'c nozzle temp. Currently I'm printing the digital sundial and there were some part it got under extrusion leaving noticeable lines, besides that the layer are all good. I'm starting to think that this pla is a bad one, it's a generic pla from china
Re: PLA Problems
February 27, 2016 03:28PM
Before messing with the hardware it is always best to check with a different roll of filament.
I had to demand refunds/replacements for 3 rolls in last 6 months.
I guess it comes down to demand, if it is high the quality suffers...
Re: PLA Problems
February 28, 2016 12:59AM
I'd suggest slowing your retraction to between 10-20 mm/s and knocking 10-20 degrees off your hot end temperature. With PLA in particular the v6 does not like long or fast retractions, and it's worse with temperatures at the high end of the range.

If that doesn't fix it, they've changed their instructions since I got mine to add thermal compound during assembly to mitigate the heat creep. Since you're experiencing this problem it could be worthwhile to disassemble and add it.
Re: PLA Problems
March 01, 2016 05:25AM
You might have some debris inside the nozzle or perhaps the PLA is cooling and clogging the nozzle. Try a hotter nozzle temp without cooling fans to make sure its not the latter

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