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PLA Doesn't stick to table

Posted by NikosK 
PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 13, 2016 03:38PM
I tried everything I could think:
1. tried Painters tape both with and without heat of the table (Aluminium table heated at 60C. I don't have glass on the table).
2. Hair spray w/o heated table
3. Kapton tape
No results most of the times. I use brim and most of the times I get no filament at all, or extruded filament that lifts when ther head returns at that spot. When I finaly get a normal first layer then the print goes on without issues.
I m using an E3d head with autoleveling of the bed. For PLA I use 195C for the head and 60C for the bed. I tried up to 210C in order to get flow but nothing changed.I have also lowered the speed of the first layers to 20.
The only thing I can't understand to correct is the autolevel and z offset parameters, so maybe there is an issue there.
At Z0 I get the head pressing on the table and at z 0.8mm the head is 0.2mm from the table, so I used an Z offset of 0.6. Is it correct, in order to print a 2mm first layer (+135% extra material fot he first layers)?
Re: PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 13, 2016 04:53PM
Use glass and Elmers purplu stick glue. It works for everything including nylon. I just put some water on it and swirl it around a bit and print again. When it gets messy just take it to the sink and the glue washes off
Re: PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 13, 2016 05:51PM
if you are really 0.2 of the bed and you use Z offset of 0.6 and I guess 0.2 layer thickness then you are in total 1mm of the bed for your first layer . with that height nothing will stick.
I am less then 0.05 mm from the bed and use 0 offset and 120% over extrude. and then it will stick with 3Dlac so good that it will only gets loose when the bed is ~24c.

so in a 4 words ; you are to high

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P3steel DXL, with Due/RADDS/Raps128 dual Wade's extruder
Re: PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 13, 2016 06:08PM
Hi Nikos, if you're still having trouble after trying the tips above, a photo of your first layer will probably help smiling smiley
Re: PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 14, 2016 07:02AM
another trick is to use 2 layer of blue tape crossing each other if you want to print without heat , it help a lot if you have an aluminum bed , one layer is just not working for me because the aluminum is too cold and the first layer wont stick , 2 layer will get you some insulation .

Use rubbing alcohol between layer and before printing to get a good surface that will stick
Re: PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 14, 2016 10:49AM
Thanks for the replies.
I don't know if I wrote the head positioning in the z axis correcty. After autoleveling the head is touching the bed and nothing can pass between them. So I lifted the head manualy by 1mm (g1 z1) and the space between the head and the table is 0.3mm (measured using a gap meter). This means that at z0 the head is 0.7mm pressed in the table and kapton tape.
So what you believe it should be the z offset in the slic3r? Im using a .35 nozzle to print .2 layers? I f I use double painters tape which each layer is 1.2mm how should I change the z offset?
Thanks again
Re: PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 14, 2016 02:48PM
Maybe you should do a manual level... if you are using a delta Delta Calibration table
The goal is to NOT use a slic3r offset and print a .3mm layer ( if your first layer is set to .3mm) with an offset of 0.

If your autolevel is going .7 into your bed there is a real problem with the autolevel or your Z sensor stop using it till you figure it out.

What firmware and printer type you using?
Re: PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 16, 2016 10:23PM
When the print don't stick the Z axis height is too high have never used autolevel I use glue on glass with PLA and PETG and when they don't stick I kill the print and readjust the Z height physically or you could just change the Z offset to make it lower.
Re: PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 17, 2016 08:14AM
I had no joy with blue tape or hairspray. The best I found was a cheap gluestick from Tiger Stores in the UK (they're a Danish company). It's called simply "STICKY" and is intended for kids. I don't clean it off after every print, simply scrape it gently with a blade at right angles to the surface. When it starts to look a bit rough it washes off with cold water. I don't use autolevel, just a double thickness of printer paper (80gsm).
Re: PLA Doesn't stick to table
April 17, 2016 02:05PM
Sorry for the delay,
I have fixed the autoleveling by adjusting the probe and now the head stops .5mm over the table and reaplied painters tape on the bed. Using a 0 z offset I stared a print and all went ok.
Then I tried to print the same thing again, using the same slic3r script. Over 10 tries not one succesful 1st layer print. With the same confinguration each time one part of the brim or the support doesn't stick to the table and is swiped by the head. Some times I evern hear the head scraping on the table, something whixh didn't happen at the 1st succesful try.
I use the same temp 198C and an .2mm first layer each time.I tried even to ajust the z offset by 0.1 or 0.2 with no results
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