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Posted by Tocsin 
April 16, 2016 07:52AM
The last few prints I have attempted have aborted with MINTEMP reports. The software hasn't been changed. When I look at Repetier, both heaters are off. I can turn them back on and the temperature goes back to normal on both bed and extruder. Looking at the last print, there appears nothing wrong with it up to the point it shut down, thickness of the filament seems consistent. The only thing I've done differently is try printing with a thinner layer (0.15 rather than 0.2 or 0.25). I thought it might be an extruder problem, so I've changed hotends using the same rating heater and the same thermistor type as before. No improvement.

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April 16, 2016 04:36PM
Seems it may have been down to trying to print at too high a resolution. I've just done a 3.5 hour print at 0.2mm with no issues. Longest print I've ever completed!
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