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I have Problem x,y size differ

Posted by secp 
I have Problem x,y size differ
April 20, 2016 07:11AM
I started 3d printing about 3 weeks ago.

im using delta type 3d printer

but some issues here

im using 100mmx100mmx50mm model to calibrate(i need to print large things, and i pause 5~10mm high)

i didnt noticed when i was printing some small 25mmx25mmx25mm thing to calibrate

but when i printer large one its not 90 degree sqaure, its like slightly diamond shaped

and x-axis is spot on 100mm but y-axis is 1mm bigger than x-axis (z-axis is always spot on)

i did measure all parts, assembly

every things fine also marlin config's fine.

but i cant figure out whats wrong

is there any solution for this problem? any one had this problem?

i use simplyfy3d for slicer

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