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Random Stops When printing.

Posted by BryZad 
Random Stops When printing.
April 22, 2016 01:21AM
Hey everyone i was wondering if anyone could help of have a idea on why my printer will stop randomly through prints ( robo r1 )
I get a random kill code in the communication terminal.
As far as i can tell that the temp graphs hold on the hotend and also on the heat bed.
It happens when printing over USB and also when stand alone off a SD card.

SENT: G1 X140.757 Y56.125 E7.2805
SENT: M105
SENT: G1 X140.759 Y204.271 E11.7151
SENT: G1 X130.683 Y204.271 E12.0167
RECEIVED: Error: Printer halted. kill() called!
WARNING: Firmware unresponsive. Attempting to force continue...

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Re: Random Stops When printing.
April 22, 2016 04:42AM
If you can get a more verbose output you might have a chance to find the problem easier.
Usually the kill order comes for temp issues but then it has something included with the heater ID (or at least it should).
printing stops suddenly
April 22, 2016 01:49PM
i brought a prusa i3 printer few days back....initially it printed flawlessly but suddenly cooling fan stopped working ( fan isnt working but the fan setup is getting heated up) so i made a arrangement for another bigger external fan for cooling ( small table fan) ....the main problem i am facing here is that printer is stopping abruptly in between of a print and again displaying printer ready ( as if its staring again) but my printer is connected to software (repetier host ) in my laptop and there were no loose connections nor wrong connection and neither was the extruder overheated .....unable to know the reason behind this problem......pls help me out from this issue.....ur suggestions could be helpfull
Re: Random Stops When printing.
April 23, 2016 06:28PM
Thanks for the info guys i am running a print through Repetier from the sd card and watching the log to see if there is and error codes and also watching the temp graphs. Will see how that goes and start from there.
Re: Random Stops When printing.
October 21, 2016 09:18PM
Still running in to the same problem agian on the stopping any help would be helpful i am at a loss
Re: Printing stops suddenly
October 23, 2016 03:51AM
I am facing major problem with my printer stopping suddenly at first layer itself. Initially I thought its hardware problem & later I changed the entire hardware (ramps 1.4 & aurduino mega board). But problem still persists. Sometime extruder motors stops extruding or the printer stop itself. I am trying to root cause the issue for past two weeks but in vain. Need some help how to resolve this problem. Before that my printer worked flawlessly for about 6 months without any issue. Below I described general information about my printer.

1. Host s/w - Repetiar 1.6.2
2. Slicer - Slic3r
3. Printing material - PLA
4. Heated bed installed
5. Ramps 1.4 & Arduino mega board 2560
6. Error code I am getting - 'See attachment'
7. My firmware file - 'See attachment'

open | download - Error code.txt (4.8 KB)
open | download - Sketch_mar02a.ino (1.8 KB)
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