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Mac - Print Off Center

Posted by sirvancelot112 
Mac - Print Off Center
July 26, 2016 03:58PM
Hi there. Long time listener first time caller.

I've just recently setup my Prusa i3. Having an issue with the print center, but see that it's not shown in my Slic3r as it is in tutorials or walkthru's I've seen elsewhere. I've tried Simple and Expert mode both, to no avail. I'm thinking it's because I have a Mac.

Please see the photo where you'll notice an indentation in the tape from a 20x20 test cube (just left and down of center).

Anyone have thoughts here? Should I try changing the origin from 0,0?

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Re: Mac - Print Off Center
July 29, 2016 08:57AM
Check here:


It's not because you have a MAC. I use a MAC and no problems with printing. However, because of the location of my endstops, my "home" position is at the rear right of the print bed. My X-axis end stop is on the right side of my frame and my Y-axis endstop is in the front.

I also use CURA when I print, so I can't help you with Slic3r. I believe you need to set your printer specifications up in the initial settings in Slic3r as well as in Marlin.
Re: Mac - Print Off Center
July 29, 2016 10:07AM
In Slic3r, there's an option to tell it if your 0,0 is in the bottom left or in the center of the bed. Perhaps you have the option that says your 0,0 is in the center of the bed yet your machine has 0,0 in the bottom left corner?

Re: Mac - Print Off Center
August 01, 2016 12:09PM
I have the same settings as you. My printer actually homes in the back right. Think I should change this?

PSNeddon - at your suggestion I've started using Cura. Seems much less fuss and more user friendly. I'm going to try and update the software endstops and print bed size in Marlin and then go from there.
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