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SD read failed

Posted by Aschie4589 
SD read failed
August 15, 2016 02:08PM
I'm not able to print anything anymore, because of SD reading errors. I originally had Marlin (1.1.0 I think) and the printer would not recognise the SD card most of the times, and when it did, it would print "skipping" instructions. This means that sometimes instead of doing a nice circle, it would cut a straight line, or that it would travel all the way to the home position because of some weird value of X or Y in the GCode. After checking the Gcode, formatting the 1gb SD to both FAT32 and FAT16, both the quick and the in depth way, after renaming the file (filename too long maybe?), after deleting everything else on the SD, I still wasn't able to print (so much so, that sometimes the print head would crash into the bed, probably because the printer misinterpreted some X or Y direction for a Z direction).
I then switched to Repetier. It took me a while to configure it, but I got everything (possibly?) right after a few tries. The same error persists, only this time Repetier detects it. After heating up, the buffer will fill up (showing 16), the print head will move to the start position and run a couple of instructions, before stopping because of "SD read fail".
Now, I'm sure I can't have any noise coming from nearby power/heat sources. I had everything working (almost) perfectly before, and now nothing. The SD has been thoroughly cleaned, the GCode double checked, the connections triple checked. I don't know what else I could do. Any ideas? Do you think my RAMPS could be damaged?
PS: I'm working with the RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller, and I happen to have 2 of them. I swapped them repeatedly, with no change whatsoever.
Re: SD read failed
August 16, 2016 10:36AM
Have you tried a different SD card?

Also you said, your running the Full Graphics Display. Is this powered by an external 5V source or are you overloading the regulators on the mega which would result in the voltage dips which could cause issues reading the SD card.

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