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Delta prints fine, then smashes into prints?

Posted by MrBaz 
Delta prints fine, then smashes into prints?
October 04, 2016 06:09PM
One-off delta printer.

Everything was going fine running Repetier 0.92.8. I could print anything. So then I go and decide to mess things up by upgrading the firmware.

0.92.9 doesn't work. At all. It just crashes and resets the firmware every 3 seconds. Nothing I did made it work.

Switched to the 1.0.0 dev firmware. It worked!....sort of.

I got everything squared away and it seemed to be on track.
I can print the first 3 or so layers just fine, but then its like it refuses to go up in Z. It ends up actually traveling in the WRONG direction and digs in to the underlying layer(s). For the life of me I can't figure out why. I've checked the gcode, and it is fine.

Tomorrow, I'll switch back to the old firmware and make sure everything still works.
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