E3D Chimera Crashing Nozzles and Fan Duct printing
October 10, 2016 02:03PM
Over the last few days I've been trying out ABS for the first time on my new PrintBite bed which has worked brilliantly for PLA.

I've printed a couple of Marvin's with no sticking problems but then tried printing the 'Solidoodle 4 to e3d cyclops and chimera' fan duct/nozzle off Thingiverse but it kept coming away from the bed after a few mm's. Eventually I spotted what was going wrong, I was getting a little lift on the top edge of the print which the second Chimera nozzle was hitting and pushing the print off the bed !

I have temporarily removed the second nozzle and all is then fine. I guessed that once I have the fan nozzle fitted this will help the lifting edges and I can put the second nozzle back, problem is the Solidoodle design doesn't fit, the nozzle is right up against the bottom of the hot end and of course it will melt ?

There are a couple of other designs on Thingiverse - 'Cyclop Fan Duct' and 'E3D Chimera & Cyclops nozzle cooler'. Before I spend 3 hours or so trying to print one of these has anybody had any success with either design ? I am a bit concerned that they might restrict the flow into the cold end fan ?


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