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Geeetech printing issues

Posted by Pekwah1 
Geeetech printing issues
May 09, 2017 04:36PM
Hi all,

New to the forum, I've just bought and assembled a geeetech i3 copy thingy printer.
I'm having some problems with the prints finishing....

I'm trying to print a fan duct as it didn't come with one standard.
I managed to get half way with one before, but then just stopped (the filament jammed).

I have c,eared this and tried printing another which has gone "furry" on top and again stoppped printing but no obvious jam this time.


1.75mm pla
0.4mm nozzle
225 degrees nozzle
20% infill
Speed 100
The fan at the moment is on all the time after around the 5th layer.

Pictures as below, and help or suggestions appreciated.


Re: Geeetech printing issues
May 09, 2017 07:56PM
Hi there, Welcome to the forum.

So as you have just found out Geeetech put random junk together and call it an extruder. You just need to google "geeetech extruder problems" to find out you are not alone in having this problem.

A good place to start is here link: [www.rc-cam.com]

Geeetech also has a forum with lots of tips and tricks by other users on how to fix this and meany other issues with the printer Link: [www.geeetech.com]

I hope this helps, Its a tough learning curve starting with a printer that is fundamental broken, but if you stick with it, research and ask questions you will be a pro in no time and ready to design your own better printer
Re: Geeetech printing issues
May 11, 2017 04:32AM
Thanks for the help, that's a pretty good guide!
I've been checking most of the points on here - i think my nozzle is a 0.4mm already, ordered another to be sure anyway.
The rest of the bits are ok, only thing that is significantly different is my extruder - it is a sealed unit and has no adjustment that i can see, not sure if i'm going to need to replace this part.
Also quite confused of how i check and adjust the voltage to the extruder motor, just need to have a closer look i think
Re: Geeetech printing issues
May 11, 2017 09:22PM
Adjusting the voltage of a stepper motor is done on the control board. have a read through this guide and it will help you (linl: [reprap.org]) you can set it to the calculated voltage if you like, but sometimes you need a bit more, if you find that the stepper motor is hot to the touch after running, try dripping the current as this is a sign of too much current.

When adjusting the current, make sure the power is off and unplugged (or use a plastic or ceramic screwdriver) You will find meany a post here about people shoring out there drivers trying to adjust the current on live electronics.
Re: Geeetech printing issues
May 13, 2017 07:41PM

i think my nozzle is a 0.4mm already,
I thought the same when I got my Geeetech. Check the nozzle, it has the size teaped on to it, turns out mine is a 0.3mm one. I started with the fuzzy prints with a 0.4mm setting but have now changed the settings in Slic3r to the correct value. Much better prints! smiling smiley
I also had problems with the extruder with the so called "clicking " problem (stalling stepper motor) Turning the Vref up will help by increasing the current through the stepper but... I found the spring which provided the filament pinch against the feed cog was acting like a brake and causing the motor to stall. I fitted the aluminium feeder modification and a weaker spring which could be adjusted till the motor stopped stalling. Working sweet as a nut now.

Main problems I have now are prints with small footprints breaking free from the hotbed during printing. A real pain when you're at the 126th layer of 150 and about three hours into the print! I use a Pritt glue stick on the hot bed which works most of the time. Learning all about skirts, brims and rafts now.

Hope that helps.

Play Bonny!


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