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PETG support material for PLA

Posted by Michel000 
PETG support material for PLA
May 24, 2017 05:21AM
Hi everyone,

Does anyone use PETG as a support material for PLA prints ? Or PLA as support for PETG.

I printed 2 color part by accident with PLA and PETG, and everything printed fine only i could break away the PETG really easy from the PLA
leaving a really nice surface.

So i think i will try to use it as a support material (only when i can break it away) its easyer to print and cheaper than pva .
Re: PETG support material for PLA
May 24, 2017 09:08AM
You're the first one claiming PETG is easy to print... or is it PVA, which causes so much trouble? ( all the hassle with drying it before print )
I tried mixing PLA and PETG in a diamond hotend, but the required temperatures are to different.
You could use a dual nozzle hotend, but there are other differences, like fan cooling and print speed.

I hope you can prove me wrong....

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Re: PETG support material for PLA
May 25, 2017 05:31AM
I dont have any problems printing petg .
I do use 2 different extruders and hotends.
Re: PETG support material for PLA
June 06, 2017 07:22AM
Can't say I've had any problems with petg, but my experience is limited to colorfabb nGen and HT and they are likely not a pure petg polymer. Going to get some of their economy petg soon and see how that goes.

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Re: PETG support material for PLA
June 06, 2017 03:57PM
I've just finished printing a complete set of all the plastic parts of my printer as spares, using E3D Edge which is a PETG. It's a bit stringy and has an affinity for sticking to the nozzle but it doesn't need support!

Well maybe it might but the fan ducts on my X carriage have a 31mm bridge which Edge managed without support. Here is a picture of it

As for PETG not sticking to PLA, maybe that's because it was printed at PLA temperature which would be a bit on the low side for PETG?

A good combination for a mixing hot end might be E3D Edge plus "Scaffold" for the supports as they seem to require very similar temperatures.
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